In conjunction with the Dominican National Safeguarding Committee and Dominican Provincial, the co-ordination of training is the responsibility of the Safeguarding Office.

Training Requests can be made to the Safeguarding Office, contact details as following:

Name Role Contact Number
Ms. Mary Tallon Safeguarding/Coordinator/ Designated Liaison Person (DLP) Phone No: (01) 4048100
Mobile No: (089) 7087881
Fr Pat Lucey: Deputy DLP Phone No: (01) 4048100


Child Safeguarding Training Requirements

Nature of Training Who should attend?
Induction Training 1  All church personnel
One-day Safeguarding Training Event  All Dominican friars, brothers and students
All staff and volunteers who work directly or indirectly with children/young people 2 
Safeguarding refresher training event For all church personnel, friars, brothers, students, staff and volunteers, who have previously attended a one - day training, must attend a refresher training event every three years.
Safeguarding Information Session All staff and volunteers with indirect/limited contact with children/young people and retired Dominican members are required to attend a Safeguarding Information Session every three years.
Designated Liaison Persons (DLP) Training DLP and Deputy DLP to attend training provided by the NBSCCCI as relevant to their role.
Training for new Provincial A newly appointed Provincial to attend NBSCCCI training for newly appointed church leaders.
Mandated Persons training All Dominican members, and Mandated persons to attend the mandated persons training session every three years as part of the full day, Safeguarding Refresher Training Session.
Provincial Advisory Committee All members of the Dominican Provincial Advisory Commitee to attend NBSCCCI training for Advisory Committee Members.
Provincial National Safeguarding Committee   All members of the Dominican Provincial National Safeguarding Committee to attend NBSCCCI training for Safeguarding Committee Members.
Specialist training, e.g. recruitment, running activities with young people, mental health, drug misuse, first aid, lifesaving etc. Any Dominican member, staff or volunteer including Friary Youth Club Leaders and Knockadoon Youth Leaders who considers the training to be relevant to their role and responsibilities.

1 The Prior/Superior must provide induction training to all new church personnel or appoint a suitable representative to do this on his behalf.

2 As per the Child Care Act 1991, a child is anyone under the age of 18 years, who is not or has not been married.