Standard 3 - Care and Support of the Complainant

Standard 3

Standard 3 - Care and Support of the Complainant

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Those who have alleged child abuse should receive a compassionate response from all Dominican personnel and be offered access to appropriate care, advice and support.

Complainants need to be listened to and heard to ensure that any allegation or disclosure of abuse is handled compassionately, effectively and professionally. Disclosing abuse takes enormous courage and calls for a high level of trust. Child abuse by its very nature can damage trust. It is therefore imperative that when a complainant is ready to tell their story, the listener responds with great sensitivity and compassion.

The Dominican leadership and safeguarding personnel will engage in ongoing reflection to identify who is best placed to offer pastoral care to complainants, recognising that providing pastoral care may not be the sole responsibility of any one person. Pastoral care may be offered and provided by the DLP managing the case, the support person, if the offer of a support person is taken up by the complainant, the Provincial at an appropriate time, or

Included in this Standard

  • How support is offered