Standard 1 - Creating and Maintaining Safe Environments

Standard 1

Creating and Maintaining Safe Environments

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General Policies

Standard 1 provides the required standard of practice in relation to the recruitment and selection of friars, staff and volunteers. The Dominican Province of Ireland recognises and respects the rights and dignity of every child and young person. Our standards of behaviour and our relationships with children and young people must always reflect this. They must also include a firm commitment to providing a safe, caring and lifegiving environment in which children and young people can feel respected, happy and secure.

The Catholic Church’s standards and expectations

It is essential that those people who work within Dominican environments, in any capacity with children or young people are, as far as possible, assessed to ensure that they do not present a risk to children or young people.

Safe recruitment means that the Dominican Province of Ireland will ensure that

  • All reasonable steps are taken to ensure that we eliminate applicants who might pose a risk to children and young people.
  • Those engaged in the recruitment process are suitably trained and experienced to undertake this task.
  • The Dominican recruitment procedures are transparent, adhere to best practice and comply with the rules of natural justice, appropriate record-keeping, and human resource management.
  • All Dominicans are committed to the policy of inclusion and equality.

Included in this Standard

  • Safe Recruitment
  • Appointment procedures (Dominican friars)
  • Dominican friars visiting Ireland
  • Induction
  • Supervision and support of workers who have contact with children or young people
  • Guidance on Vetting
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Anti-bullying Guidance and Protocol
  • Ensuring Safe Care for Children or Young People
  • Guidance on Children or Young People with Specific Needs
  • Attendance Register
  • Consent
  • Guidance on one-to-one contact with children or young people
  • Guidance on responding to accidents/incidents
  • Use of Property owned by the Irish Dominican Province by External Groups
  • Protected Disclosure Policy (often referred to as "whistleblowing")
  • Complaint Procedure for Safeguarding Concerns that are not Allegations of Abuse