Ennismore School Retreats

Ennismore School Retreats
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What can we offer your students

School Retreats

A day to rest in peace, fun and friendship. This is a day of relaxation where friendships are made, reflecting Christian values of love, understanding and peace. We work with creativity, meditation, discussion and prayer. This is offered to all years in secondary schools and Confirmation Classes in primary the primary years.. We are rooted in the Christian tradition and students of all faiths and none enjoy and benefit from these retreats.

Wellbeing Day

‘Mind Your Mind’... This day teaches students tools and techniques to build emotional resilience and wellness. We will draw on the creative arts, relaxation skills, nature, centering and mindfulness. We will give the students an opportunity to explore how they can develop interpersonal skills and understandings regarding socialising both in person and online. Each student will leave with a toolbox of skills that can serve them throughout their school days and beyond.

Multiple Day Retreats

Multiple Day Retreats We also offer Multiple Day Retreats for schools who would like their students to have a more in-depth experience in Ennismore. These can take place over several weeks or months. The structure of the days are similar, but each day has a unique theme or emphasis. We offer a Nature Day, a Leadership Day, a ‘Friendship & Relaxation’ Day and others based on a schools need. Schools can discuss with our Co-Ordinator how many days they would like and what themes they would like our Team to focus on.